• 2008-01-06

    It is a Crime to be Poor


    Hello humans! Welcome to Dubai,UAE.This is the most exquisite lavish $1k-per-night hotel Burj Al Arab (well,outside).

    The world is such a beautiful place! (if you have money and resources....)You can find an oasis of luxury in almost any country you visit (but most of the time it is a facade).

    The real people live behind the veil, and believe it ain't very pretty. In many of these countries, the "leaders" rob from the poor to cater to the rich...just like the authorities in Dubai.Oh poor Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrant workers...

    Dubai is not all its cracked out to be..people are too afraid to say its rubbish,like the king and the wonderful coat that only intelligent people can see.

    It seems like the whole country is just trying to build new biggest skyscrapers,the biggest hotels,shopping malls and everything flashy to show the world how much money the country has.

    Okay,I do not want to be the snobby POOR(even though im T_T).There are some shining things for you RICH hey~

    Even though the star wars looking veils of Arabian women are strange,I love them sooooo much!Cashmere scarves are fantastic!But they are tooooo expensive for me,a poor foreigner just came from Africa.Since I have still kept the faces of Iringa kids in my mind,I could not use $100 to get a scarf for myself.

    Desert Safari is a Must Go program including Dune Bashing,Arabian Desert Sun Sets,BBQ Buffet (also offer yummilious vegetarian choice),Belly Dance, Smoking Sheesha(looks like opium), Henna Tattooing(temporary) and etc. My Arabian night there was like a story from the Book of The Thousand Nights and a Night.

    Addendum: Emirates, Dubai's flagship airline,is great. They have absolutely multi-ligual cabin crew!Thus I met my dear B-E-A-utiful Chinese(even Nantong) friend Michelle. Thank you for the sweet chocolate pudding,Mic I Love U.




  • 我发现我只能看懂一小部分了... ...
    2008-01-17 21:10:13
  • U r very welcome,my sweetheart! really nice to meet u and get to know u more and more.All the best!
    God is good~
    2008-01-17 21:09:29
  • 这就是传说中地迪拜啊。
    2008-01-10 12:09:14
  • 迪拜 世界的肚脐 烧钱之都
    2008-01-10 12:10:19
  • 真主的孩子们,看!那里有一个基督徒!
    2008-01-10 12:10:46