• 2006-04-08

    This Season's Face



             Make-up trends have toned right down for summer, so fresh pink cheeks are the season's only must-have. Think innocent milkmaid blushes and find a perfect pink for the apple of your cheek. Widen eyes with lashes painted finely with a good black mascara and add a sweep of natural gloss. It's all about pale, perfect skin - you don't even have to worry too much about a tan.


             Looking perfectly natural takes some work if you're going to get it right. Since our clothes this summer are going to be a colourful, embellished mix to indulge our every ethnic whim, our make-up can tone down a little. Give your eyes a break with very little eyeliner - so that from a distance it might seem as though you're not wearing any. Add a touch of flesh-toned eye shadow and choose a really slick mascara - making sure never to let a clog give the game away.


             In line with this season's love affair with all things natural, eyebrows don't want any drama either. Have them shaped at your favourite salon at the beginning of the summer and then simply be careful not to over pluck. Let them grow their own way a little - within reason of course.


             Forget the dark red pouts of winter, summer lips are all about natural, soft puckers of the palest pink. Last summer's flamboyant flashes have made way for just a sweep of colourless gloss or the palest shimmer. Wear it with little else - other than a pale golden tan - for glowing beach babe gorgeousness.

             So,you see,that we are working harder and harder to get more and more faces.



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